Move Up?

Up Has Dimension Not Just Direction

Think of “moving up” as adding depth and dimension to you as a professional or as progressing. It’s not just about promotion to a higher level of compensation or organization status.

It could even mean moving:

  • laterally
  • down
  • enriching the job you’ve got
  • changing location
  • …and UP the scale of complexity and authority too

Progressing vs. promotion? Is that a distinction you’ve made before? Our work culture is evolving away from our work status being derived from …

making things and controlling means …
to one that values…
knowing things and creating or innovating with the knowledge.

This is moving us from large numbers of formal organizations that had structure (and our job status being associated with the structure) to smaller, nimble, cultures of knowledge workers who develop more individually and frequently. So moving “up” is different than it used to be. Sometimes it’s about promotions and many times it’s about progression.

Do you have a development plan? You will.


Why have one?

The purpose of the plan is to focus your attention. It will make you pay attention and give you a bit of selective perception to be more vigilant about things you’ve decided are significant and related to where and how you want to develop. A plan is a way to prioritize your time, energy and actions so that you know what’s top priority and you get to those items first. It doesn’t need to be specific and detailed about exactly where you wind up. That kind of detail is presumptuous and prone to over-focus and offers the potential to miss needed course corrections along the way.

Think of the development plan as a map of the part of the occupational solar system you want to explore, with some types of work and organizations clearly identified as possible planets to visit or even land  on.


Coaching for your Move Up means you obtain:

  • Alternatives to quitting your job
  • New work options you may not have considered
  • Development-in-place options
  • Development plan
  • Ways to develop others that you may manage