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Are you a member of the Management Team in your organization? Responsible for HR, training, organization development? Every level of manager has to address The Three Questions for each employee that reports to them. How are you doing? Would it help to have a more unified and simple approach to intentional talent management where you work?

There is a real cost to not addressing The Three Questions as part of your talent management strategy. Do you know how to spot some of the symptoms and hidden costs of ignoring these matters? Here’s a quick briefing and an article (that you can download) on some of the symptoms to look for.



We Can Help You Focus And Accelerate Your Talent Management Strategy.

The Three QuestionsStrategyServices/Results for Organizations
Moving Up
  • Development plans made simple - first for managers then for employees
  • Performance management systems that sync with development plans
  • Design and implement Talent Management Strategy for the organization
  • Design and implement a leadership development architecture for the firm
  • Design and implement action learning programs
  • Leverage workplace impacts from training and tuition-sponsored education back at the job
Moving Out
  • Tailor organization specific options for retaining and realigning talent before choosing exit
  • Design downsizing strategy and alternatives
  • Provide individual or micro-outplacement programs (less than 35 people)
Adapting styles
  • Assess leadership development potential, personality, values, interest patterns, management style preference, conflict style preference and best-fit functional areas of business
  • Leadership team 360 assessment
  • Coaching adaptations for performance advantages
  • New Manager Performance Accelerator for a faster start in a new leadership role
  • Leverage new learning back on the job