Your Personal Career Management Services

Individual services are designed to help you focus and accelerate your ability to FIND work, LEAVE work or CREATE work that:

  • honors who you’re becoming
  • reduces your suffering at work
  • increases your satisfaction


When You’re Answering The 3 Questions


1. When is it time to move up?Personal Development strategy helps focus your search for more responsibility, stretch assignments, promotions, key projects, succession and lateral moves to gain experience. Develop in place. Don’t automatically reach for the rip cord and assume you have to leave your current work. Learn how to control your own message, position yourself vs. present yourself and sharpen your eye for finding opportunity vs. waiting to be asked or “discovered”.
2. When is it time to move out?Personal Exit strategy when there is no longer fit or effectiveness with the current work (manager, job, project, team, organization or profession). This could mean staying with your current organization or a move out. Search strategy and methods will be perfected with assessment tools provided to accelerate your focus and your search for new work. Interview strategy will follow as well as offer negotiation coaching. We conclude with a New Job Launch Strategy to maximize your success during the Honeymoon of the first 90 days on a new job.
3. When is it time to adapt your style?WORKING ON “SKYLES”: Adapting the mix of skills and styles. It’s less frequently about skill deficits and more frequently about the style with which one uses the skill. Adapting to new leadership roles or new team responsibilities can be an easy (and expensive) time to derail. Coaching adds just-in-time development support vs. long-term training and uses assessment to gather crucial, practical feedback about real perceptions of performance and style.