Leadership Coaching

What are others saying about coaching with Bruce?

  • “Working with a consultant through the Leadership Coaching Program has been a wonderful opportunity. Working 1:1 with my coach, I have been able to quickly identify what is noise, what is missing, and what to do about it all. I am grateful to have the ear of seasoned professional asking me curious questions that are leading to swift action and results. I highly encourage my peers to consider taking advantage of this program for themselves. I am grateful for the opportunity to have this added support in my professional growth.” – A Dept. Director
  • “Working with a professional coach outside of the company has been invaluable and I am thankful for the opportunity.  Having someone to talk to that helps me parse through ideas, concerns and provide guidance and a space to make connections has been very helpful. I signed up for this coaching as another method for developing my leadership skills, but I did not realize how much I needed it until I was neck deep in it!” – A Senior Manager
  • “When Bruce reached out to begin our 1:1 coaching sessions, I wasn’t sure that I could add one more thing to my list. He pushed me to make a little space for myself, and after 5 sessions I am so incredibly grateful that I made the space for my own personal leadership development. Bruce is an amazing listener, and has given me so many insightful (and practical) tips that I have been able to immediately apply at work. I would highly recommend the Leadership Coaching Program to all managers.” A frontline Supervisor
  • “I really appreciated the opportunity to participate in the 360 degree assessment with my team.  The feedback, and the session with the expert coach to interpret it, were really helpful.  I’d recommend this to any manager!” A Chief Executive
  • “The Leadership Coaching Program has provided me with a great deal of awareness around how others see me as a leader and how I see myself as a leader. It has helped me be more aware of how I interact as a leader with various groups (my peers, those I report to, and those who report to me). Additionally, both in my meetings with Bruce and through the online resources made available to me, I have been able to not only identify those areas that I am already viewed as being strong in, but also can see where I can improve. There are tools available to help strengthen me as a leader and Bruce always has a great way of helping you to look at various aspects of your leadership style in different ways, so as to allow you to find what works best for both you and those you work with. I truly have appreciated this program and would highly recommend it to any leader looking to build and develop themselves.” A Dept. Manager
  • Results and Benefits to the Organization
  • Prevent management derailment
  • Foster high potential talent development
  • Develop talent where training leaves off
  • Styles, jobs or assignments adapted to fit strengths and needs
  • Accelerate development for the “readiness” required by succession plans
  • Provide the crucial development coaching that a “remote manager” often can’t
  • Provide the coaching support behind a challenging developmental assignment

Management Development and Coaching Services Include (but are not limited to):

  • New manager role clarification
    • Coaching for both individual and organizational results
    • Middle management and senior leadership assessment for development
    • Linking professional development and succession planning to critical business issues

Industry Experience

Healthcare (IT/EMR, nursing leadership, emergency medicine leadership)

Heavy Industry (Maritime, utilities)


Banking (Federal Reserve, Regional, Local)