The Three Questions


The Three Questions Model

Three career questions, that must be answered, are running in the background of your career at this very moment:

  • Is it time to move up? (“I need a development strategy to progress in my field”)
  • Is it time to move out? (“This role/job/boss/organization doesn’t feel like “me” any more. I need a transition strategy.”)
  • Is it time to adapt my style for greater success? (“I’m not getting traction with this group/boss/project team. I need to change and do things differently, but what? How?”)


The Three Career Questions await you at each and every career crossroad that you reach, and in a normal career you will come to many crossroads. At each one you may feel some anxiety, ambivalence, frustration, anticipation and impatience. Those are all normal signs suggesting that you may be stuck at the crossroad and able to benefit from some assistance to move things along.

Three Questions Consulting ensures you:



Probably a third of my clients come to me earnestly trying to answer the wrong question. Use this informal questionnaire to see which question seems most crucial for you at this time.

If you are manager, human resources professional or corporate trainer you are charged with talent management responsibilities. At last, here is a elegantly simple and compelling model that  talent and talent managers can share to lift the level of the conversation about career management in every organizational setting.
3Q for Management & Human Resources Leaders